Papier Club Membership Regulations


Papier Ltd., a limited liability private company incorporated in the State of Israel, Private Company No. 514786128 (below: the "Company" or "Papier") is pleased to add its customers to the Papier Members Club (the "Papier Club") by registering the customer with the Papier Club (below: "Papier Member") on our Website, at (below: the "Website"), and subject to the Website terms of use and the privacy policy:, and in accordance with these regulations.

For inquiries and questions, please contact the Papier customer service, at +972-3-696-4583, or at

Headings are intended for ease of orientation and convenience only and may not be used in interpreting the terms.

Phrases in the masculine refer to the feminine and/or to the plural by implication.


Becoming A Papier Club Member On The Website

  1. Papier offers its customers the option to become Papier Club members without paying the Papier Club a registration fee and/or membership renewal fee, and it does not intend to charge a membership fee or a membership renewal fee in the future; however, Papier may decide to do so at any time at its discretion.
  2. Membership of the Papier Club is for an unlimited time, unless the Company decides otherwise and makes notice thereof. Membership in the Papier Club will remain in effect until such time as the Papier Member or Papier cancel it, or in accordance with the provisions of the law, and notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company may terminate the Papier Club activity at any time, change its terms, or terminate or cancel a customer's membership of the Papier Club in the event that Company regulations are breached.
  3. Papier customers who register on the Website may join the Papier Club through their customer account, including the customer's mobile phone number, which is used to identify the customer's club member status, and will be sent exclusive Papier Club Member mail updates. The customer must therefore update the customer account whenever customer details are changed, including their mobile phone number or email address.
  4. By joining the Papier Club, you agree to receive mail from the Company from time to time, updates of new Papier products, special offers, marketing information or reminders of Papier Members' eligibility for benefits, and so on. You may ask to be removed from the mailing list subject to the Company's regulations.
  5. A customer who identifies as a Papier Club member on the Website may accumulate, use, and exercise the benefits to which Papier Club Members are entitled, as published by the Company from time to time, according to the rules for redeeming the benefits as published by the Company.
  6. A 25 NIS registration bonus for customers may be applied to the first subsequent purchase made after initially registering for the Papier Club, on purchases exceeding 200 NIS, of Papier paper products only, within 3 months of joining the Papier Club, at the Papier shop only, and not on the Website.
  7. A birthday benefit for Papier Club Members only: 15% discount on a one-time purchase during your birthday month on the purchase of Papier paper products at the Papier shop only, and not on the Website.
  8. As an exclusive benefit for Papier Club Members only, a 5% discount will be given when making an order to purchase products available on the Website.
  9. The benefits are exercisable by identifying as a Papier Club Member using the mobile phone number; they are available to Papier Club Members only and may not be transferred to another party or be used commercially. Realization of the birthday benefit will be available in the month according to the Club Member’s date of birth as recorded in the customer's account when joining the Paper Club.
  10. Benefits do not apply to additional costs, such as shipping costs, and they may not be deducted or reimbursed.
  11. Benefits are not exercisable in conjunction with other special offers or benefits, so that benefits and special offers are exercisable separately.