our story

On the corner of King David Boulevard and Ibn Gabirol St., just across from city hall, is a sign that says "PAPIER" – a unique and stylish store for everything paper. Papier was established on the site where the "Kwik Kopy Printing House" was once located. As customers walk in and out, they tread on the very same cobblestones and memories left behind by its predecessor, turning Papier into a tribute to the world of print, paper and design.
Drawing inspiration from the fashion capitals of the world, Papier is Israeli nostalgia with a touch of global elegance.

As you enter the store, you cannot fail to be impressed by the minimalism of the design, which makes a powerful yet precise statement. The various collections interlace a minimalistic, monochromatic color scheme of black, white and grey, with touches of wood, gold, and silver.

Alongside the paper product collections, you will find unique items, which fit in harmoniously with the store's essence:
- A vintage collection of items from the time we actually sent letters
- Leftovers – Papier's flagship collection, made entirely of recycled materials

Occasionally, Papier displays the work of artists and designers from different fields like ceramics, jewelry, textile and more.

Moreover, for out-of-the-ordinary businesses, Papier is the perfect place to find unforgettable gifts, branded with your business logo.

Papier is much more than a store. It is -
Where the Israel of yesteryear meets the world of tomorrow
Where minimal color subscribes to rich design
Where statements are whispered, yet sound loud and clear